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Our staff has experience designing and implementing software systems for leading vendors of MCAD, MCAE, and PDM systems.  We were SolidWorks' first Gold Partner Provider.  With broad experience in engineering software design and implementation for  successful Boston area technology companies such as DEC, Aries, Prime, and Computervision, we have the experience to help you get the results you need. 

Custom Development

We will develop custom applications in our fields of expertise on a contract basis.  These applications may be directly for an end user company for its own internal use, or for a software reseller who wishes to market a product but does not have the staff or expertise to develop it. We are qualified to provide this kind of service using: For resellers, below is a sampling of products we have produced or contributed to: 

Contract Programming

We are available on a contract basis to provide programming at your site, or at our own facilities.  We can provide you with programming services in CAD/CAM/CAE, graphics, or almost any realm of scientific or engineering computing. We can provide you with programming assistance in customizing your new product data management system to the specific needs of your enterprise.  If you desire, we can develop user interfaces for any applications for use on the Internet or your corporate Intranet.   We are qualified not only in our stated areas of expertise, but in the general arena of C, C++, Java and FORTRAN programming on UNIX or on Microsoft Windows. 

Engineering Consulting

We can provide you with expert consultation to help you decide how to move your company forward in design automation. We have many years experience as consultants in the areas of: 
  •      Product data management 
  •      International standards (IGES/STEP). 
  •      Enterprise-wide CAD architecture and strategy. 


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